Men Are Gross

I am a gay man. What some in the LGBT community would call a twink (even though I don’t really think I am). In no way am I closeted. My wedding ring is a big, black and purple woman’s ring. I liked it so I got it. I am the office manager of a doctor’s office, so I have to dress professionally for work. This means a nice polo or button down and either khakis or nice jeans. About a week ago, on my lunch break, I had to take my car down to the AutoZone so that I could get a light checked. While standing there, a guy pulls up and goes into the store. I pay him no mind. As I am leaving the store, the guy follows me out and starts talking. I assume he is on the phone because I don’t know him and he can’t possibly be talking to me, right? Wrong. He asks me how I am doing and says I look familiar. I tell him that I used to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and maybe, if he’s ever gone to a Kingdom Hall, he’s seen me there interpreting. He nods and asks what I am doing, to which I respond I’m going back to work. He asks me to take a ride with him. Ummm…no. He then calls me over to his car and asks me to get in. Is he stupid or does he not understand English? I tell him I have to go and he says, “Well, just look at it.” O_o As he says this, he is undoing his pants! I quickly flash my pretty purple ring and tell him I am married and practically vault into my car. Now, I ask myself, who has the BALLS to do that at 2 in the afternoon in an AutoZone parking lot?!? Do I come off as the type of guy that will just hop into a guys car and go off with him to do God knows what? I don’t think I can ever go back to AutoZone again.


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